Out of this World! πŸš€

We have returned to school and launched ourselves straight into our new topic!

We already know some amazing facts about space – Logan knows that sometimes stars look like they’re making pictures (constellations), Bertie knows that there is no gravity on the moon and we all know that the only planet with life is Earth! We are really looking forward to learning more about outer space, and especially going on our trip to the Space Centre in a few weeks πŸ˜ƒ

In choosing time this week, we have particularly enjoyed using our new space station role play area and making fruity potions outside in the water tray. Look at our super learning!

In Maths we have been practicing our addition and subtraction skills, and have even been adding money! We are so good at putting the first number in our heads and counting on or back using our fingers. Some of us are beginning to count an amount of objects by counting in twos up to 20 πŸ”’

Finally this week, we want to show you our amazing artwork. We created our own spaceships with aliens inside! We thought carefully about how we wanted them to look and used different drawing materials, foil and googly eyes to decorate them. How amazing do they look?

What an exciting start to our new topic, have a listen to the Solar System song at home – how many facts can you remember afterwards?


Dinosaur landscapes πŸ¦•

To finish off our Jurassic Journey topic, we created dinosaur collage pictures using photos of different dinosaur habitats, sand and grass. We worked so hard and were really proud of our pictures! πŸ˜ƒ

We have loved learning about so many different dinosaurs this half term!

We are already excited to learn about space and visit the space centre as our new topic is ‘Out of this World!’ πŸŒβ˜„οΈβ­οΈπŸš€

Have a brilliant week off Goat class!

Mrs Withers



We made fossils!

After exploring fossils last week, we were really excited to create our own this week. We learned all about fossils and then used lots of different tools to make our own. What do you think?

We have loved making split pin dinosaurs in choosing time this week, practising cutting, using a hole punch and attaching body parts together to make our dinosaurs move!

We spent lots of time outside this week – it was so sunny and warm! Today we had a great time using scissors to cut the grass, helping to look after our outdoor area πŸ˜„

What a great week – I hope the sun keeps shining for outdoor learning next week!

Mrs Withers




This week we have been exploring dinosaur fossils. We have been using a range of tools to chip away at the fossils and discover hidden dinosaurs!

We have also been investigating how to free dinosaurs from ice!

In Maths this week, we have been learning how to measure time. We have used sand timers and stopwatches. We have also been talking about different times of the day and the things we do in the morning, afternoon and night. We have been working on sequencing events from our day!

Finally this week as part of our topic sessions, we have been learning about the past and present. We looked at pictures of old and modern televisions, phones and even Nottingham. We talked about how things have changed and how we know if something is from the past or present.

What a lovely week we have had!

Mrs Withers



Oh no!! Missing egg! πŸ¦–

After lunchtime today, we discovered our dinosaur egg had gone missing – oh no!!

We talked about what could have happened to it – someone could have taken it, or the dinosaur could have come back for it.

We decided to make a poster for our missing egg and then put it in the library for everyone to see. Billy suggested we make copies of it and give them to all the teachers too!

We hope our egg is somewhere safe…

We have been busy with lots of dinosaur activities this week – creating dinosaur eggs using playdough, writing facts that we know about dinosaurs, moving like different dinosaurs in PE and even having a go at using the iPads to draw pictures of dinosaurs! Don’t they look brilliant?

We have also each been looking after our own dinosaurs! We first put an egg into water, and then saw the dinosaurs hatching and growing. We think they might grow even bigger over the weekend!

What an exciting week for Goat class, I hope you all enjoy your long weekend!

Mrs Withers



Dinosaur discovery! πŸ¦–

Today we discovered that a dinosaur had been into school in the Easter holidays. We watched footage of it in the classroom, our outdoor area, the hall, the playground and the field!

We discussed that it was a t-Rex and talked about where it could have came from.

We then went outside to see if we could find any signs there had been a dinosaur… we found a shiny dinosaur egg!

We made sure we didn’t touch it (Mrs Withers had to wear special gloves). We talked about how it could have got into our school – we thought maybe the dinosaur had laid the egg, or maybe it lost it’s egg, or maybe it was keeping it safe at school for later. We decided we would look after it. We have started to write about how we can keep it safe in our classroom.

I wonder if anything will hatch…