Three Little Pigs! 🐷 🐷 🐷

We have really enjoyed our traditional tale this week, and have been learning how to write a character description. We have enjoyed using different materials to build houses so the wolf can’t knock them down, as well as creating our own pigs and wolves, threading pictures from the story and writing about the materials in the story.

I was really impressed with a game that some of the children created this week. They made a giant track using the letter tiles and decided to travel along it, they had to say the letter sounds and names as they jumped onto each tile. What a super imaginative game!

In Maths we have been practising recognising numbers to 20. We are so good at counting out the right amount of objects and finding the matching numeral. Next week, we will begin to order the numbers 😀

Finally, we have been continuing to practise counting down from 20 – don’t forget to use the monkey floss to help at home! 😃

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Withers



World book day! 📚

We celebrated world book day yesterday by talking about our favourite stories.

We loved showing our friends our brilliant hats!

Maisie won the competition but it was so hard to choose, well done to everyone!! 😃


Once Upon A Time…

Welcome back Goat class!

We have started our new topic ‘Once Upon A Time’. We will be learning about lots of different traditional tales this half term.

This week, we learned all about Jack and the Beanstalk! We read the story together, acted it out, planted our own bean stalks, wrote a letter to the giant and even learned about subtracting with a special visit from Jack!

We finished our week by creating a class beanstalk. We showed super teamwork skills and made sure everyone could decorate a part of the beanstalk, sharing resources and materials too.

In our creative session this week we created our own individual beanstalk pictures. We all concentrated for up to 30 minutes – wow! We really enjoyed making our pictures 😃

In P.E we played a magic bean game! We learned movements to act out runner beans, baked beans, frozen beans, stick beans, broad beans, jellybeans and chilli beans. We listened really well and had lots of fun moving our bodies in different ways.

We had lots of fun outside this week too – we especially loved planting the different plant seeds and broad beans. We can’t wait to see them start to grow!

Well done on a brilliant first week back!

Mrs Withers



Library visit! 📚 📖

On Monday we visited the library together. We walked very sensibly through Eastwood!

At the library, we listened to a librarian talk about her job. She showed us different library cards that we could get. We learned that children can borrow 24 books at a time.

The librarian then read us a story before we explored the library, including upstairs. We chose some stories to read with grown ups and friends. We looked after our books carefully and made sure we put them away in the right places. We loved looking at all the different kinds of books – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, jokes…!

We really enjoyed our library visit!

Well done on your super behaviour, Goat class. I was so proud of you all!

Have a brilliant half term break!

Mrs Withers



Kung Hei Fat Choy! 🐖🏮🇨🇳

This week we celebrated Chinese New Year!

We learned that it is the year of the pig in China.

We looked at a parade that happens in China, where people dress in lion and dragon costumes and dance around – some of us made our own parades.

We made Chinese lanterns and even had a go at writing our names using Chinese letters, as well as writing our own cards to celebrate!

We explored Chinese plates, rice bowls and spoons and used chopsticks to carry toys across them. Mrs Keating let us look after her pet dragon – we were very gentle. 🐉


Emergency! 🚨

Two weeks ago, we read the story ‘Emergency’ and learned lots about lifeguards, tow trucks and emergency helicopters.

Linked to this, we had a visit from three people who help us – a postal worker, a nurse and a member of cabin crew!

We listened to our visitors talk about their jobs and asked some super questions.

This week, we continued learning about people who help us in an emergency. We even made our own firefighter helmets!

We also finished our learning on 3D shapes. We can now describe a 3D shape by talking about its faces, edges and vertices. We made our own 3D shape book too!

Here are a selection of photos from our busy choosing times this week!

What a fantastic week we have had!

Mrs Withers



P.E superstars and 3D shape experts!

This week, we had our first turn at using the large climbing equipment in P.E. We have been practising our balancing, climbing and jumping skills. We are very good at taking our time on the equipment and thinking of different ways to move.

We have also learned all about 3D shapes. We can name a cube, cone, sphere, cylinder, cuboid and pyramid! We have loved playing musical shapes to make sure all our friends can remember the shape names.

We were so excited to come to school yesterday to find ice, frost and even some snow on the ground!

We talked about what might happen if the sun came out and the weather got a bit warmer… it might melt! We used different tools to make marks in the frost. Daniel made a brilliant footprint track, and Nola Rose loved to hear the sound of the frost crunching under her feet.

Please make sure you check your child’s Tapestry for this week’s homework. I’m looking forward to seeing some more brilliant photos and videos!

Mrs Withers